Achieving Victory in Summoners War: Chronicles – an Extensive Guide

The South Korean gaming giant Com2uS has caused a stir in the mobile gaming industry with their latest work, Summoners War: Chronicles. Since its launch on 9 Mar 2023, it has been a huge hit in Taiwan and Hong Kong, earning the number one spot on the Google Play and App Store charts. The game has also gained recognition worldwide, being the highest ranked in other countries. In this guide, we will explore the mechanics of the game, give advice for beginners, introduce useful monsters, and provide insight into the art of rune selection. With this information, players will be ready to start their journey and have a successful experience in Summoners War: Chronicles.

Activities to be Performed Everyday for Triumph

Note: This is a paraphrase and not a direct translation.

For success in Summoners War: Chronicles, it’s important to concentrate on certain daily activities that will speed up your progress. Investigate the importance of daily free summoning and its possible advantages.

1. Every Day Offers a Free Summon

Take advantage of the daily free summoning for the chance to obtain new monsters and augment the capabilities of your team. Don’t overlook this opportunity – make a point of performing your free summon each day to uncover the potential of each summoning. The newly acquired monsters can possess special abilities and characteristics that could have a major influence on your game.

2. Conflict of Kailos

Kailos has found itself in a state of confrontation. This is an ongoing battle that has been taking place for some time now. The struggle has had its ups and downs, but it still continues to rage on. It is uncertain when this struggle will come to an end, but all parties involved are doing their best to make sure that it does.

Wage wars in the world of Kailos and reap generous rewards. Participate in three battles each day to gain useful items like gold coins, mana essence, and crafting materials. These will help power up your characters, craft powerful gear, and advance your journey.

Third Step of Development

Growth can be a journey, and the third step of that journey is to reach a higher level than before. It involves taking advantage of the resources available to progress and move forward.

Head down the Road of Expansion, with its multiple sub-dungeons filled with special tests and rewards. Composed of the Training Path, Adventure Path, and Conquest Battle, this all-inclusive system helps you refine your character’s abilities and obtain beneficial resources. The Training Path gives out experience potions, summoning scrolls, and elemental monsters, and the Adventure Path provides runes and gold coins. The Conquest Battle rewards you with precious equipment, gold coins, and crafting materials.

4. Group Dungeons

Team dungeons can be a great way to spend an afternoon. Gathering up people to take on an adventure in a dungeon can be a thrilling experience. It can also be a great way to bond with friends and family. Group dungeons provide an exciting opportunity to see how well one can work together in order to overcome obstacles and achieve a goal.

Assemble a team of capable adventurers and take on the formidable Team Dungeons. These dungeons offer a variety of difficulties, each with its own rewards. Through teamwork, you can conquer the obstacles and acquire valuable prizes. These may include items, energy, and enhancement materials that will help strengthen and improve your team.

5. Dueling in the Arena

Competition in an enclosed space is a feature of Arena Battles. Participants face off against each other in a designated area, striving to come out the victor. The area may vary in size, but the goal of each combatant is the same: to emerge victorious.

Experience the excitement of the arena, where you can prove your team’s might and tactical genius. Fulfill the Summoners Pass by engaging in at least three arena battles a day. Not only do you receive commendable rewards and experience, but you also climb the rankings and demonstrate your superiority amongst other players.

6. Uncovering Fresh Horizons: Main Quests

Progressing through the main quests of Summoners War: Chronicles is of utmost importance. Doing so will not only unlock new features and areas but also allow your character to develop and mature. Not to mention the rewards they provide, as well as the unlocking of essential game mechanics. Thus, making it a priority to complete these quests is highly recommended.

7. Frequent Payments

The potential benefits of taking on repeated commissions should not be ignored. Such assignments give you the chance to gain useful items like gold coins, mana essence, and crafting materials. Even though they may seem insignificant, these commissions can really add up.

Releasing the Might of Functioning Behemoths

For those playing Summoners War: Chronicles, the selection of monsters is the key to success. There is a wide range of monsters available, each of them having their own characteristics and attributes. Through this, players can build a team tailored to their playstyle and gain a competitive edge. This gives them the possibility to enhance their gaming experience to new levels.

The Wind Fairy stands out among the intimidating list of monsters due to her varied capabilities. Not only can she weaken the opponents’ attack and defence, she can also augment the attack and defence of her allies. She is thus the ideal combination of offensive and defensive qualities.

The Water Bird and Light Bird are a stunning pair of monsters that deserve recognition. Both of them possess an incredible team-wide cooldown reset ability, which gives your entire team the capacity to recharge their skills swiftly and barrage their enemies with a steady stream of strikes.

The Dark Bird is renowned for its ability to cause harm to opponents. Its capacity to pile on negative effects and reduce armor makes each hit from it increasingly detrimental and presents your squad with chances to execute devastating hits.

The inclusion of the Water Panda and Fire Succubus in any team is essential for adding depth to your strategic plans. The Water Panda uses its strength to weaken enemy defenses through the removal of invincibility, providing defense buffs, and taunting foes. This creates a powerful defensive wall, protecting your team from harm. On the other hand, the Fire Succubus is an offensive master, capable of dealing serious damage and inflicting debilitating effects on adversaries, leaving them at the mercy of your forces.

Gaining Expertise in the Area of Rune Choice

The selection of runes is essential for bringing out the best in your monsters and increasing their battle strength. Look into the three main types: ones that are meant for PvE and produce violent output, supportive tanks that have great durability, and those that increase combat power. Become aware of the HP, Attack, and Defense attributes that are contributing the most to the combat power and learn how to fit them into the right runes for your monsters. Figure out the best ways to bring out the potential of each monster, whether with rune sets that increase damage or those that provide extra defense and sustainability.

Final Thoughts

For Summoners War: Chronicles, it is vital to do daily quests. Not completing them on a regular basis will put you at a disadvantage compared to other gamers. If you have limited playtime, the Redfinger Android emulator can be of great help. It is created to save you time and effort.

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